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This school was established in 1939 on March 31, the preparatory office was located in Zheng-Si Elementary school , and identical on November 30 the school building finishes year after year, transferred back the original position, at that time called "Douliou street to Douliou city 12 places" the original name "the Taiwan public household management female school" to had 60 years to the present.

After Taiwan returned the motherland, it changed the system many times, but "fosters talent for hundred years" the objective was not to change. This school originally is a girls' school, followed the government to advocate the men and women gather policy of the school, breaked many years tradition, and recruited the male student in 1984. Besides the baby care branch, other various branches even men and women concurrently received.

When we established, this school was by family work branch primarily. The primary family work branch stopped recruiting students in 1969 around 30 years. The high-level family work branch was established 1952, it recruited students in 1974 around 23 years. In 1973,we established the baby care branch and the comprehensive household management branch, the baby care branch has managed for four years. The comprehensive household management branch also stops recruiting students in 1980 and total 17 years. We established household management branches in 1988, after six years the household management branch stops recruiting students. The baby care branch to 81 years recruitment of students, until now has the good reputation.

The commercial branch was established 1969. It established synthesis commercial branch and accountant count the branch, and these branches change the system for the commercial management branch and accountant the business department in 1988, the advertisement design branch establish 1979, until now 20 years! Is quite has the characteristic and the specialized subject. In accordance to information time approaching, this school to 1980 tenable materials place science subjects, the undergraduate course always is most popular in this school by first wish registration.

This school information equipment, the teachers, for various institutions association trained innumerable information talented person, and in the country the computer technique class also make the long-term characteristic, the plan cultivate the news with the oral traditions are extremely good. Schools set up as an experiment attachment and recruited this area, because of gets employed is out of school the public figure, or urgently needs of jobholders the commercial specialized knowledge, provided best enters the pipeline, when for the government popularization education, advocates the lifelong study a big benevolent government in 1971.